Day of Reckoning

Day of Reckoning
Power and Accountability in Medieval France

Robert F. Berkhofer III

2004 | 280 pages | Cloth $69.95
History / Business
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Table of Contents


1. A Fragmentary Past? Monastic History, Memory, and Patrimony
2. Written Comprehension of Land and Signs of an Administrative Mentality
3. Ministering and Administering: Abbots as Catalysts of Change
4. Discipline and Service Inside and Outside the Cloister

Conclusion: Accountability, Writing, and Rule by 1200

Appendix 1: The Cartularies of Saint-Bertin
Appendix 2: The Cartulary of Three Crosses
Appendix 3: Enumerations in Papal Confirmations
Appendix 4: Abbatial and Monastic Acts: Saint-Vaast, Saint-Bertin, and Saint-Denis

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