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Parrot Culture

Exploring the presence and meanings of these birds in the art, literature, and history of Western civilization, Parrot Culture traces the unusual history of parrots from their introduction in the Graeco-Roman world, through the great age of New World exploration, to the contemporary ecological crisis of globalism.

Parrot Culture
Our 2500-Year-Long Fascination with the World's Most Talkative Bird

Bruce Thomas Boehrer

2004 | 224 pages | Cloth $34.95 | Paper $24.95
History / Cultural Studies
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Table of Contents

Prologue: Circa 40 Million B.C.
Chapter 1: Invasion of the Parrots
Chapter 2: Mysteries and Marvels
Chapter 3: Return of the Parrots
Chapter 4: Unhappy Bird!
Chapter 5: Dead Parrot Sketch
Chapter 6: Extinction and Beyond


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