Laboring Women

How childbearing among enslaved women became commodified—and was exploited by slaveowners as well as slaves.

Laboring Women
Reproduction and Gender in New World Slavery

Jennifer L. Morgan

2004 | 296 pages | Cloth $55.00 | Paper $26.50
American History / African-American Studies/African Studies / Women's Studies/Gender Studies
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Table of Contents

1. "Some Could Suckle over Their Shoulder": Male Travelers, Female Bodies, and the Gendering of Racial Ideology
2. "The Number of Women Doeth Much Disparayes the Whole Cargoe": The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and West African Gender Roles
3. "The Breedings Shall Goe with Their Mothers": Gender and Evolving Practices of Slaveownership in the English American Colonies
4. "Hannah and Hir Children": Reproduction and Creolization Among Enslaved Women
5. "Women's Sweat": Gender and Agricultural Labor in the Atlantic World
6. "Deluders and Seducers of Each Other": Gender and the Changing Nature of Resistance