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Karaoke Fascism

The first in-depth ethnography of the brutal regime in Burma.

Karaoke Fascism
Burma and the Politics of Fear

Monique Skidmore

2004 | 264 pages | Cloth $69.95 | Paper $28.95
Anthropology / Political Science
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Table of Contents

List of Illustrations

1. Rangoon: End of Strife
2. Bombs, Barricades, and the Urban Battlefield
3. Darker Than Midnight: Fear, Vulnerability, and Terror-Making
4. Sometimes a Cigar Is Just a Cigar
5. The Veneer of Modernity
6. The Veneer of Conformity
7. The Tension of Absurdity
8. Fragments of Misery: The People of the New Fields
9. The Forest of Time
10. Going to Sleep with Karaoke Culture


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