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Envisioning an English Empire

Envisioning an English Empire examines the founding of Jamestown in 1607 within its global, political, and cultural contexts.

Envisioning an English Empire
Jamestown and the Making of the North Atlantic World

Edited by Robert Appelbaum and John Wood Sweet

2005 | 392 pages | Cloth $69.95 | Paper $28.95
American History
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Sea Changes

1 The Conquest of Eden: Possession and Dominion in Early Virginia
2 Powhatans Abroad: Virginia Indians in England
3 John Smith Maps Virginia: Knowledge, Rhetoric, and Politics
4 The Politics of Pathos: Richard Frethorne's Letters Home
5 The Specter of Spain in John Smith's Colonial Writing
6 The White Othello: Turkey and Virginia in John Smith's True travels
7 England, Morocco, and Global Geopolitical Upheaval
8 Irish Colonies and the Americas
9 Hunger in Early Virginia: Indians and English Facing off Over Excess, Want, and Need
10 Between "Plain Wilderness" and "Goodly Corn Fields": Representing Land Use in Early Virginia
11 Settling with Slavery: Human Bondage in the Early Anglo-Atlantic World
12 "We all smoke here": Behn's The Widdow Ranter and the Invention of American Identity

Conclusion: Jamestown and Its North Atlantic World

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