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China in the Early Bronze Age

Students of the history and archaeology of early civilizations will find China in the Early Bronze Age the most up-to-date and wide-ranging introduction to its topic now in print. Scholars in Chinese studies will use this work as a handbook and research guide. For all readers, this volume makes fascinating reading in the formative stages of Chinese culture accessible.

China in the Early Bronze Age
Shang Civilization

Robert L. Thorp

2005 | 320 pages | Cloth $75.00
Archaeology / Asian Studies
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Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
A Note on Documentation
—Geographical Setting: Macroregions
—Cultural Setting: The Longshan Age

1. Dawn of the Bronze Age: The Erlitou Culture
—The Erlitou Site
—The Material World: Bronze and Jade
—Contemporary Cultures and Interaction
—The Search for the Xia

2. Foundations of the Bronze Age: The Erligang Culture
—A Network of Sites
—Technologies of Power and Prestige
—Erligang Society: Material Evidence
—Erligang and the Regions

3. The Shang Kings at Anyang
—Exploration of Yinxu
—"Great Settlement Shang"
—Elite Crafts

4. Shang Cult: Divination and Sacrifice
—Oracle-Bone Divination
—Ritual Spaces and Sacrifice Ritual
—Bronze Ritual Vessels	
—Inscriptions and Social Relations

5. The Late Shang World
—The View from Yinxu
—Exchange Relations: Resources and Products
—Cause and Effect: Debts to Shang

Afterword: The Invention of Chinese Civilization

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