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Food Is Love

"An engaging look at how food advertisements from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries have both helped define and played up to the stereotypical gender roles prevalent in American culture."—Library Journal

Food Is Love
Advertising and Gender Roles in Modern America

Katherine J. Parkin

2006 | 304 pages | Cloth $47.50 | Paper $27.50
American History / Home Economics
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Table of Contents

1. Advertisers and Their Paradigm: Women as Consumers
2. Love, Fear, and Freedom: Selling Traditional Gender Roles
3. Women's Power to Make Us: Cooking Up a Family's Identity
4. Authority and Entitlement: Men in Food Advertising
5. Health, Beauty, and Sexuality: A Woman's Responsibility
6. A Mother's Love: Children and Food Advertising

Periodical and Archival Sources and Abbreviations

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