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Romare Bearden

This book relocates Bearden's Caribbean experience to the center of the work he did during the most productive period of his life. Produced in full color, it includes 130 Bearden paintings, almost all Caribbean watercolors and collages, few of which have ever been published.

Romare Bearden
The Caribbean Dimension

Sally Price and Richard Price

2006 | 192 pages | Cloth $55.00
Fine Art / Anthropology
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Table of Contents


Romare Bearden: A Life in Art
A Painter's Mind
Watercolor Country
—Changing Your Anchor
—The Walcott Collaboration
Enchanted Places
—Bearden's Caribbean Aesthetic
—The Prevalence of Martinique
—The St. Martin Paintings
Going to the Edge: Rituals of the Obeah
Don't Stop the Carnival
At Low Tide
Redeeming a Tradition

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