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Reading the Qur'an in Latin Christendom, 1140-1560

Addressing Christian-Muslim relations generally, as well as the histories of reading and the book, Burman offers a balanced and hands-on picture of the ways Europeans read the sacred text of Islam.

Reading the Qur'ān in Latin Christendom, 1140-1560

Thomas E. Burman

2007 | 328 pages | Cloth $59.95 | Paper $26.50
Religion / History
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Table of Contents

A Note on Matters of Form

Introduction: Qur'ān Translation, Qur'ān Manuscripts, and Qur'ān Reading in Latin Christendom

Chapter 1. Translation, Philology, and Latin Style
Chapter 2. Latin-Christian Qur'ān Translators, Muslim Qur'ān Exegesis
Chapter 3. Polemic, Philology, and Scholastic Reading in the Earliest Manuscript of Robert of Ketton's Latin Qur'ān
Chapter 4. New Readers, New Frames: The Later Manuscript and Printed Versions of Robert of Ketton's Latin Qur'an
Chapter 5. The Qur'ān Translations of Mark of Toledo and Flavius Mithridates: Manuscript Framing and Reading Approaches
Chapter 6. The Manuscripts of Egidio da Viterbo's Bilingual Qur'ān: Philology (and Polemic?) in the Sixteenth Century

Conclusion. Juan de Segovia and Qur'ān Reading in Latin Christendom, 1140-1560

Appendix: Four Translations of 22:1-5
Abbreviations and Short Titles
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