Global Corruption

By identifying the main drivers of corruption worldwide and analyzing current attempts to control them, this book suggests ways in which the problems caused by corruption can be addressed and ultimately prevented.

Global Corruption
Money, Power, and Ethics in the Modern World

Laurence Cockcroft

2012 | 288 pages | Cloth $39.95 | Paper $28.95
Business / Public Policy / Law
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Table of Contents

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1. What is Corruption?
2. The Corrosive Power of Corruption
3. Secret Trades
4. Victims of Corruption
5. Constant Values, Changing Standards
6. Why Now?
7. What Drives Corruption Forward?
8. The Long March: Is There Progress?
9. Key Roadblocks
10. Corruption and Global Warming
11. The People's Voice
12. Shaping the Future

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