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Creating Human Rights

The first in-depth study of a novel women's refugee movement and its challenge, as an international trigger case, to traditional conceptions of human rights. It illuminates keys to the movement's success, including, paradoxically, noncitizen politics, and uncovers critical implications for theories of human rights change.

Creating Human Rights
How Noncitizens Made Sex Persecution Matter to the World

Lisa S. Alfredson

2009 | 328 pages | Cloth $75.00
Law / Public Policy
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Table of Contents

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1. Introduction: The Sex Persecution Campaigns
2. Human Rights, Social Movement, and Asylum Seeking
3. Global Challenges and Opportunities for Sex-Based Asylum Seeking
4. Moving In: Asylum Seekers' National Rights, Resources, and Opportunities
5. "Use My Name": Noncitizen Identity, Decisions, and Mobilization
6. Universalizing National Rights: Political Confrontation and Cultural Framing
7. Making Sex Persecution Matter

Appendix: Comprehensive and Novel Aspects of Gender Related Claims

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