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In Search of Progressive America

The era of conservative dominance in the U.S. appears to be stumbling. But is the Left ready to step into the breach? In Search of Progressive America is a collection of ten essays by prominent writers that seeks to address the current state of promise and debate on the portside of U.S. politics.

In Search of Progressive America

Edited by Michael Kazin. With Frans Becker and Menno Hurenkamp

2008 | 168 pages | Paper $22.50
Political Science / Public Policy
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Table of Contents

Introduction—Toward a Second Coming?
—Michael Kazin

1. Democrats and the World
—Matthew Yglesias
2. Cultivating Our Own Garden
—Andrew J. Bacevich
3. America's Encounter with Immigrants
—Gary Gerstle
4. Can Media Help the American Left?
—Todd Gitlin
5. Think Tanks and the War of Ideas in American Politics
—Andrew Rich
6. From Incremental to Transformative Change
—Ezra Klein
7. Rebuilding the Welfare State in the United States
—Dean Baker
8. Families Valued
—Karen Kornbluh
9. How Labor Can Win
—Nelson Lichtenstein
10. The Once and Future Christian Left
—Michael Kazin

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