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Studies on Istanbul and Beyond

The city of Istanbul, its history, and institutions during the Ottoman and Republican periods.

Studies on Istanbul and Beyond
The Freely Papers, Volume 1

Edited by Robert G. Ousterhout

2007 | 104 pages | Cloth $29.95
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Table of Contents

—Nina J. Koprulu

—Robert G. Ousterhout
The Office of Ottoman Court Historian
—Emine Fetvaci
Voices of Opposition in the Reign of Sultan Suleyman: The Case of Ibrahim Pasa (1523-36)
—Ebru Turan
The History of Naming the Ottoman/Turkish Sabbatians
—Cengiz Sisman
The 1829 Census and Istanbul's Population during the Late 18th and Early 19th Centuries
—Betul Basaran
An Ethnography of Virginia Tobacco Production in Turkey
—Ebru Kayaalp


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