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Time and Temporality in the Ancient World

Time in antiquity, juxtaposing cultures and societies, yields remarkable intersections with temporality.

Time and Temporality in the Ancient World

Edited by Ralph M. Rosen

2004 | 200 pages | Cloth $32.50
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Table of Contents

Preface. Ancient time across time

1. Temporality and the study of prehistory
2. Shaping life in the late prehistoric and Romano-British periods
3. Scholarly conceptions and quantifications of time in Assyria and Babylonia, c. 750-250 BCE
4. Concepts of time in classical India
5. Cyclical and teleological time in the Hebrew bible
6. Temporality and the fabric of space-time in early Chinese thought
7. Topographies of time in Hesiod
8. Greek chronographic traditions about the first Olympic Games
9. Pagan and Christian notions of the week in the 4th century CE western Roman Empire


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