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Divided Cities

Urban planning and conservation experts provide a thorough comparative examination of Belfast, Beirut, Jerusalem, Mostar, and Nicosia—five urban areas physically partitioned in the throes of ethnic conflict.

Divided Cities
Belfast, Beirut, Jerusalem, Mostar, and Nicosia

Jon Calame and Esther Charlesworth. Foreword by Lebbeus Woods

2009 | 280 pages | Cloth $65.00 | Paper $29.95
Architecture / Political Science
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Table of Contents

Foreword by Lebbeus Woods

1 Warning Beacons
2 Cities and Physical Segregation
3 Beirut
4 Belfast
5 Jerusalem
6 Mostar
7 Nicosia
8 Breaching the Urban Contract
9 Professional Responses to Partition
10 Patterns
Epilogue: Jerusalem Redivided

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