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How God Became African

While African Christianity has wholeheartedly appropriated the symbols, scriptures, and traditions of historic Christianity elsewhere, it has also built on the rich history of the continent's indigenous spiritual beliefs.

How God Became African
African Spirituality and Western Secular Thought

Gerrie ter Haar

2009 | 136 pages | Cloth $42.50
Anthropology / Religion / Political Science / African-American Studies/African Studies
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Table of Contents

Chapter One: God in Africa: Some Key Issues
Chapter Two: How God Became African: A Continuing Story
Chapter Three: The African Spirit World: A Journey into the Unknown
Chapter Four: African Religious Experiences: From Suffering to Salvation
Chapter Five: The Problem of Evil: Religion and Human Rights in Africa
Chapter Six: Abundant Life in Africa: Religion and Development
Chapter Seven: A Valley of Dry Bones: African Christians Going Global


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