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Heavenly Ambitions

In Heavenly Ambitions, Joan Johnson-Freese lays out her vision of the future of space as a frontier where nations cooperate, and military activity is circumscribed by arms control treaties that would allow no one nation to dominate—just as no one nation's military dominates the world's oceans.

Heavenly Ambitions
America's Quest to Dominate Space

Joan Johnson-Freese

2009 | 192 pages | Cloth $32.50 | Paper $26.50
Political Science
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Table of Contents

1. Space: The Final Cold War Frontier
2. The Evolution of U.S. Space Policy
3. Space Weapons: Fact and Fiction
4. Strategic Communications: What Message Is the United States Trying to Convey?
5. Diplomacy and Arms Control: Limits and Opportunities
6. Globalizing Space


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