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Black Walden

Charting the rise and fall of a community of former slaves struggling to survive on the fringes of Concord, Massachusetts, Black Walden reveals the role that slavery and its aftermath played in forming Thoreau's beloved Walden landscape.

Black Walden
Slavery and Its Aftermath in Concord, Massachusetts

Elise Lemire

2009 | 256 pages | Cloth $34.95 | Paper $24.95
American History / Literature
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Table of Contents

Introduction: The Memory of These Human Inhabitants
Chapter 1. Squire Cuming
Chapter 2. The Codman Place
Chapter 3. British Grenadiers
Chapter 4. The Last of the Race Departed
Chapter 5. Permission to Live in Walden Woods
Chapter 6. Little Gardens and Dwellings
Chapter 7. Concord Keeps its Ground
Epilogue: Brister Freeman's Hill

Dramatis Personae

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