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Defining the Sovereign Community

Defining the Sovereign Community asks why the two nations have defined sovereignty so differently and what impact these choices have had on individual and minority rights and participation.

Defining the Sovereign Community
The Czech and Slovak Republics

Nadya Nedelsky

2009 | 352 pages | Cloth $75.00
Political Science
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Table of Contents

Chapter One: Awakenings
Chapter Two: Nation-Building in the Empire's Waning Years
Chapter Three: The First Republic: Czechoslovakism and Its Discontents
Chapter Four: The Second Republic and the Wartime Slovak State
Chapter Five: The Third Republic: "Putting an End to All Old Disputes"
Chapter Six: The Communist Period: New Vows
Chapter Seven: From Velvet Revolution to Velvet Divorce
Chapter Eight: The Implications of the Ethnic Model of Sovereignty in Slovakia
Chapter Nine: The Implications of the Civic Model of Sovereignty in the Czech Republic


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