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Culture and Belonging in Divided Societies

Why do people invest so much emotional energy and resources in conflicts over images, symbols, rituals, and other cultural expressions? The answers explored in Culture and Belonging in Divided Societies view such expressions as barriers to or opportunities for inclusion in a divided society's symbolic landscape and political life.

Culture and Belonging in Divided Societies
Contestation and Symbolic Landscapes

Edited by Marc Howard Ross

2009 | 312 pages | Cloth $55.00 | Paper $26.50
Political Science / Anthropology
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Table of Contents


1. Cultural Contestation and the Symbolic Landscape: Politics by Other Means?
—Marc Howard Ross
2. The Rise and Fall of a Sacred Place: Ayodhya over Three Decades
—Richard H. Davis
3. Social Lives of the Dead: Contestation and Continuities in the Hawaiian Repatriation Context
—Greg Johnson
4. Flagging Peace: Struggles over Symbolic Landscape in the New Northern Ireland Dominic
—Bryan Clifford Stevenson
5. Conflict Transformation, Cultural Innovation, and Loyalist Identity in Northern Ireland
—Lee A. Smithey
6. Islamic Headscarves in Public Schools: Explaining France's Legal Restrictions
—Elaine R. Thomas
7. Minority Language Policy in France: Jacobinism, Cultural Pluralism, and Ethnoregional Identities
—Britt Cartrite
8. Symbols of Reconciliation or Instruments of Division? A Critical Look at New Monuments in South Africa
—Sabine Marschall
9. Emerging Multiculturalisms in South African Museum Practice: Some Examples from the Western Cape
—Crain Soudien
10. Strategies for Transforming and Enlarging South Africa's Post-Apartheid Symbolic Landscape
—Marc Howard Ross
11. Invisible House, Invisible Slavery: Struggles of Public History at Independence National Historical Park
—Charlene Mires
12. Politicizing Chinese New Year Festivals: Cold War Politics, Transnational Conflicts, and Chinese America
—Chiou-Ling Yeh
13. Paddy, Shylock, and Sambo: Irish, Jewish, and African American Efforts to Ban Racial Ridicule on Stage and Screen
—M. Alison Kibler

—Edward T. Linenthal

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