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Imagining Philadelphia

In his 1959 essay "Philadelphia in the Year 2009," Edmund Bacon described a city remade, modernized in time to host the 1976 Bicentennial celebration and Philadelphia World's Fair. Imagining Philadelphia assesses Bacon's vision, discussing what has been accomplished and what might have been.

Imagining Philadelphia
Edmund Bacon and the Future of the City

Edited by Scott Gabriel Knowles

2009 | 184 pages | Paper $26.50
Public Policy / Architecture
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Revisiting Edmund Bacon's Vision for the City
1 Philadelphia in the Year 2009
—Edmund N. Bacon
2 Salesman of Ideas: The Life Experiences That Shaped Edmund Bacon
—Gregory L. Heller
3 A Utopian, a Utopianist, or Whatever the Heck It Is: Edmund Bacon and the Complexity of the City
—Guian McKee
4 Staying Too Long at the Fair: Philadelphia Planning and the Debacle of 1976
—Scott Gabriel Knowles
5 Philadelphia in the Year 2059
—Harris M. Steinberg
—Eugenie L. Birch

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