The Bohemians

Rediscovered by Robert Darnton and brought gloriously back to life in Vivian Folkenflik's translation, The Bohemians at last takes its place as a major work of eighteenth century libertinism.

The Bohemians

Anne Gédéon Lafitte, Marquis de Pelleport. Translated by Vivian Folkenflik. Introduction by Robert Darnton

2009 | 248 pages | Cloth $34.95 | Paper $19.95
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Table of Contents

Translator's Note
List of Main Characters

Chapter 1. The Legislator Bissot Renounces Chicanery in Favor of Philosophy
Chapter 2. The Two Brothers Wander on the Plains of Champagne
Chapter 3. Supper Better Than Dinner
Chapter 4. Who Were These People Supping Under the Stars on the Plains of Champagne?
Chapter 5. Reveille; The Troupe Marches Forward; Unremarkable Adventures
Chapter 6. Cock-Crow
Chapter 7. After Which, Try to Say There Are No Ghosts . . .
Chapter 8. The Denouement
Chapter 9. Nocturnal Adventures That Deserve to See the Light of Day, and Worthy of an Academician's Pen
Chapter 10. The Terrible Effects of Causes
Chapter 11. Uncivil Dissertations
Chapter 12. Parallel of Mendicant and Proprietary Monks
Chapter 13. Various Projects Highly Important to the Public Weal
Chapter 14. On Hospitality
Chapter 15. Morning Matins at the Charterhouse
Chapter 16. Panegyric of the Clergy
Chapter 17. A Mouse with Only One Hole Is Easy to Take
Chapter 18. How Lungiet Was Interrupted by a Miracle
Chapter 19. Which Will Not Be Long
Chapter 20. A Pilgrim's Narrative
Chapter 21. Continuation of the Pilgrim's Narrative