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Getting Out

In Getting Out, a diverse cast of noted scholars and journalists considers how the United States might leave Iraq by examining seven historical case studies on how to and how not to withdraw from occupied territory.

Getting Out
Historical Perspectives on Leaving Iraq

Edited by Michael Walzer and Nicolaus Mills

2009 | 168 pages | Cloth $34.95
Political Science / History
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Table of Contents

—Michael Walzer

1. No Exit but Victory: Britain and the American Colonies
—Stanley Weintraub
2. America and the Philippines: The Graceful Withdrawal
—Stanley Karnow
3. India and Britain: The Consequences of Leaving Too Soon
—Rajeev Bhargava
4. The Surprising Success: The United States and Korea
—Fred Smoler
5. France and Algeria: Claim Victory and Au Revoir
—Todd Shepard
6. Vietnam and the United States: The Price of Intransigence
—Frances FitzGerald
7. The Gates of Gaza and the Limits of Power: Israel and Gaza
—Shlomo Avineri

8. 9/11 and the Road to Iraq
—Nicolaus Mills
9. The Persistence of Empire
—David Bromwich
10. Departing Responsibly
—Brendan O'Leary
11. It Isn't Over
—George Packer

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