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The Past in Pieces

By examining oral history collected during two years of fieldwork, anthropologist Rebecca Bryant investigates why the 2003 opening of the ceasefire line dividing Cyprus has not led the country any closer to reunification, and how in many ways it has driven the two communities of the island farther apart.

The Past in Pieces
Belonging in the New Cyprus

Rebecca Bryant

2010 | 224 pages | Cloth $45.00 | Paper $26.50
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Table of Contents

The Sorrow of Unanswered Questions
Introduction: A Prelude to Mourning
One: Paths of No Return
Two: The Anxieties of an Opening
Three: A Needle and a Handkerchief
Four: Geographies of Loss
Five: In the Ruins of Memory
Six: The Spoils of History
Seven: The Pieces of Peace
Eight: Betrayals of the Past
Reading the Future (In Lieu of a Conclusion)

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