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Women Warriors for Allah

Dutch investigative journalists Janny Groen and Annieke Kranenberg offer an indispensable corrective to the conventional view that Muslim women in jihad are either pacifist nurturers who steer their husbands and brothers away from violence or passive bystanders who play a mere supporting role in networks run by domineering men.

Women Warriors for Allah
An Islamist Network in the Netherlands

Janny Groen and Annieke Kranenberg. Translated by Robert Naborn. Foreword by Marc Sageman

2010 | 280 pages | Cloth $75.00 | Paper $32.50
Political Science / Religion
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Table of Contents

—Marc Sageman

1. The First Glimpse Behind the Niqab
2. Muslim Girl Power and Supermarket Marriages
3. Mohammed B.'s CD-ROMs and Online Radicalization
4. Women and Jihad
5. Interrogations and Vacations
6. Soumaya S.: Feminist and Suspected Terrorist
7. New Arrests, Further Radicalization, and Takfir Lite
8. Behind the Scenes of the Hofstad Trial, and the Future
9. Islamization in the Netherlands
10. The Role of the As Soennah Mosque

Men Associated with the Hofstad Network

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