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The Purposes of Paradise

The Purposes of Paradise shows how travel and tourism shaped U.S. imperialism in Cuba and Hawai'i between the 1850s, when expansionists imagined them as twin possessions, and revolution and statehood in 1959. It explores the relationships between imperial fantasies and political practices in Americans' favorite tropical isles.

The Purposes of Paradise
U.S. Tourism and Empire in Cuba and Hawai'i

Christine Skwiot

2010 | 296 pages | Cloth $39.95 | Paper $27.50
American History
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Table of Contents

Chapter One: First Fruits of a Tropical Eden
Chapter Two: Garden Republics or Plantation Regimes?
Chapter Three: Royal Resorts for Tropical Tramps
Chapter Four: Revolutions, Reformations, Restorations
Chapter Five: Travels to Another Revolution and to Statehood


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