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Human Rights and State Security

In Human Rights and State Security: Indonesia and the Philippines, Anja Jetschke considers the impact of transnational human rights advocacy on the process of human rights reform and democratization in two countries that have been successful in countering and blocking international human rights pressures.

Human Rights and State Security
Indonesia and the Philippines

Anja Jetschke

2010 | 368 pages | Cloth $75.00
Political Science
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Table of Contents

1. Human Rights and State Security in International Relations
2. International Norms and Their Contestation in Human Rights Dialogues
3. Indonesia's New Order 1965-1978: Transnational Advocacy and State Security under Military-Led Modernization
4. The Philippine New Society 1972-1986: Transnational Advocacy and Human Rights Change
5. Indonesia's New Order 1986-1998: Transnational Advocacy and Human Rights Change
6. Subcontracted Violence in the Philippines 1986-1992: Excusing Violations
7. Excuses and Paramilitary Violence in East Timor and Indonesia 1999-2005
8. The Philippines 1999-2008: Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights Violations
9. Contested Norms and Human Rights Change


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