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Security and Suspicion

Based on intensive fieldwork in Israel during the second intifada, this ethnographic study explores how Israeli Jews experience security in their everyday lives. When Israeli security imprints itself on individual lives, the book argues, security propagates the very fears it claims to prevent.

Security and Suspicion
An Ethnography of Everyday Life in Israel

Juliana Ochs

2011 | 216 pages | Cloth $47.50 | Paper $28.95
Anthropology / Public Policy
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Table of Contents

Author's Note

Introduction: The Practice of Everyday Security
Chapter 1. A Genealogy of Israeli Security
Chapter 2. Senses of Security: Rebuilding Café Hillel
Chapter 3. Pahad: Fear as Corporeal Politics
Chapter 4. Embodying Suspicion
Chapter 5. Projecting Security in the City
Chapter 6. On IKEA and Army Boots: The Domestication of Security
Chapter 7. Seeing, Walking, Securing: Tours of Israel's Separation Wall
Epilogue: Real Fantasies of Security


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