Sustainable Lifeways

Bringing an archaeological eye to an examination of human response to unpredictable environmental conditions, this volume develops a picture of how societies perceive environmental risk, how they alter their behavior in the face of changing conditions, and under what challenges the most rapid and far-reaching changes in adaptation have taken place.

Sustainable Lifeways
Cultural Persistence in an Ever-Changing Environment

Edited by Naomi F. Miller, Katherine M. Moore, and Kathleen Ryan

2011 | 352 pages | Cloth $65.00
Anthropology / Archaeology
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Table of Contents


Introduction: Sustainable Lifeways
—Naomi F Miller and Katherine M. Moore
1 "Living with a Moving Target": Long-term Climatic Variability and Environmental Risk in Dryland Regions
—Neil Roberts
2 Prehistoric Pastoralists and Social Responses to Climatic Risk in East Africa
—Fiona Marshall, Katherine Grillo, and Lee Arco
3 Spreading Risk in Risky Environments: An East African Example
—Kathleen Ryan and Karega-Munene
4 Risk and Resilience among Contemporary Pastoralists in Southwestern Iran
—Lois Beck and Julia Huang
5 Change and Stability in an Uncertain Environment: Foraging Strategies in the Levant from the Early Natufian through the Beginning of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic B
—Arlene M. Rosen
6 Explaining the Structure and Timing of Formation of Pueblo I Villages in the Northern U.S. Southwest
—Timothy A. Kohler and Charles Reed
7 Mitigating Environmental Risk in the U.S. Southwest
—Katherine A. Spielmann, Margaret Nelson, Scott Ingram, and Matthew A. Peeples
8 Farmers' Experience and Knowledge: Utilizing Soil Diversity to Mitigate Rainfall Variability on the Taraco Peninsula, Bolivia
—Maria C. Bruno
9 Grace Under Pressure: Responses to Changing Environments by Herders and Fishers in the Formative Lake Titicaca Basin, Bolivia
—Katherine M. Moore
10 Periodic Volcanism, Persistent Landscapes, and the Archaeofaunal Record in the Jama Valley of Western Ecuador
—Peter W. Stahl
11 Managing Predictable Unpredictability: Agricultural Sustainability at Gordion, Turkey
—Naomi F. Miller