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The Evolution of International Human Rights

Focusing on the theme of visions seen by those who dreamed of what might be, Lauren explores the dramatic transformation of a world patterned by centuries of human rights abuses into a global community that now boldly proclaims that the way governments treat their own people is a matter of international concern.

The Evolution of International Human Rights
Visions Seen

Paul Gordon Lauren

2011 | Third Edition
432 pages | Paper $37.50
Political Science / History
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Visions and Visionaries

1. My Brother's and Sister's Keeper: Visions and the Origins of Human Rights
Religious Visions
Philosophical Visions
Traditional Practices and Ideas of a Very Different Sort
Visions—and Reality

2. To Protect Humanity and Defend Justice: Early International Efforts
To Free the Enslaved
To Assist the Exploited
To Care for the Wounded
To Protect the Persecuted

3. Entering the Twentieth Century: Visions, War, Revolutions, and Peacemaking
Modernization, Internationalization, and Visions of Rights
War, Revolutions, and Rights
Peacemaking and Human Rights
The Covenant: Rights Proclaimed and Rights Rejected

4. Opportunities and Challenges: Visions and Rights Between the Wars
A Flourishing of Visions
Opportunities for New Departures
Persistent Problems and Challenges
The Gathering Storm

5. A "People's War": The Crusade of World War II
War, Genocide, and Self-Reflections
Crusaders, Visions, and Proposals
Human Rights Versus National Sovereignty in Postwar Planning
Opposition from the Great Powers

6. A "People's Peace": Peace and a Charter with Human Rights
Insisting on a Peace with Rights
Politics and Diplomacy at the San Francisco Conference
The Charter of the United Nations
Differing Reactions and Assessments

7. Proclaiming a Vision: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
The Revolution Begins
Challenging Questions of Philosophy
Difficult Problems of Politics
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

8. Transforming Visions into Reality: The First Fifty Years of the Universal Declaration
Extending Rights and Setting Standards
Protecting Rights Through Implementation
Promoting Rights
Expanding Activities and Enhancing Rights

9. The Continuing Evolution
International Law, the Responsibility to Protect, and Challenges to Sovereignty
Globalization, Development, Terrorism—and Torture
New Human Rights Institutions and Organizations
Technology and Political Will

10. Toward the Future
The Nature and Power of Visions
People of Vision and Action
Forces and Events of Consequence
Process, Politics, and Perspective
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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