Battling Miss Bolsheviki

At the beginning of the 1920s, no political observer would have predicted that universal suffrage would inspire the growth of a conservative women's movement to counter the power of women reformers. This book describes the birth of that movement, analyzing its enduring legacy for twentieth-century female political activists.

Battling Miss Bolsheviki
The Origins of Female Conservatism in the United States

Kirsten Marie Delegard

2011 | 320 pages | Cloth $69.95
American History / Women's Studies/Gender Studies / Political Science
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The Birth of "Miss Bolsheviki": Women, Gender, and the Red Scare
Chapter 2. The Origins of the Spider Web Chart: Women and the Construction of the Bolshevik Threat
Chapter 3. "It Takes Women to Fight Women": The Emergence of Female Antiradicalism
Chapter 4. Stopping the "Revolution by Legislation": Antiradicals Unite Against Social Welfare Reform
Chapter 5. The "Red Menace" Roils the Grass Roots: The Conservative Insurgency Reshapes Women's Organizations
Chapter 6. The Legacy of Female Antiradicalism
Epilogue: From Antiradicalism to Anticommunism

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