Piety and Public Funding

Despite the separation of church and state, public aid to religious agencies has traditionally been part of liberal social policy. This book shows that the post-World War II expansion of public funding for evangelical health care, educational, welfare, and foreign relief increasingly benefited the religious Right and contributed to its resurgence.

Piety and Public Funding
Evangelicals and the State in Modern America

Axel R. Schäfer

2012 | 320 pages | Cloth $45.00
American History / Public Policy / Religion
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Table of Contents

Introduction: How Evangelicals Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the State
Chapter 1. The Cold War and Religious Agencies
Chapter 2. The Evangelical Rediscovery of the State
Chapter 3. Evangelicals, Foreign Policy, and the National Security State
Chapter 4. Evangelicals, Social Policy, and the Welfare State
Chapter 5. Church-State Relations and the Rise of the Evangelical Right
Conclusion: Resurgent Conservatism and the Public Funding of Religious Agencies