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Driving Detroit

Driving Detroit paints a portrait of metropolitan Detroit through an imaginative application of social science, song lyrics, poems, and oral history to explain why the city has fallen from industrial powerhouse into urban dysfunction.

Driving Detroit
The Quest for Respect in the Motor City

George Galster

2012 | 320 pages | Cloth $45.00 | Paper $26.50
Social Science / General / Geography
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Table of Contents


Prologue. Two Daughters of Detroit
1. Riding on the Freeway: A Riff on the Place Called Motown
2. Sculpting Detroit: Polity and Economy Trump Geology
3. From Fort to Ford to . . . ?
4. From Old World to Old South and Old Testament
5. Who Will Feast on the Fruits of Labor?
6. Turf Wars
7. Wrestling for Pieces of the Proletarian Pie
8. Feasting on Fear
9. The Dynamics of Decay, Abandonment, and Bankruptcy
10. What Drives Detroiters?
11. From Motown to Mortropolis
Epilogue. Two Daughters of Detroit Revisited

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