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Matching Organs with Donors

This sensitive ethnography reveals the methods and mindsets of doctors, patients, donors, and sellers in Israel's living kidney transplant bureaus. Matching Organs with Donors describes how these actors identify and adjudicate suitable matches between donor and recipient using terms borrowed from definitions of kinship.

Matching Organs with Donors
Legality and Kinship in Transplants

Marie-Andrée Jacob

2012 | 232 pages | Cloth $69.95
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Matching
Chapter 1. Ethnography Through Transplants and Vice Versa
Chapter 2. Consent Forms, Differences, and Indifference
Chapter 3. Kinship as Template
Chapter 4. Committee-ing "Family Donations"
Chapter 5. The Evidence of Altruism
Chapter 6. Exits and Promises: Signatures, Loopholes, and Swaps
Conclusion: Kin Relations, Legal Relations, and Transplants

A: Living Organ Transplant Directive
B: National Organ Transplant Act


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