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Intimate Enemies

Drawing on years of research in the highlands of Ayacucho, Kimberly Theidon explores how Peruvians are rebuilding individual lives and collective existence following twenty years of armed conflict. The micropolitics of reconciliation practiced there complicates the way we understand transitional justice and coexistence in the aftermath of war.

Intimate Enemies
Violence and Reconciliation in Peru

Kimberly Theidon

2012 | 480 pages | Cloth $75.00 | Paper $32.50
Anthropology / Latin American Studies/Caribbean Studies
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Table of Contents

Preface: Ayacucho, 1997

Part I. The Difficult Time
1 "Ayacucho Is the Cradle"
2 Sensuous Psychologies
3 Being Human
4 Fluid Fundamentalisms

Part II. Common Sense, Gender, and War
5 Speaking of Silences
6 The Widows

Part III. Looking North
7 Intimate Enemies
8 The Micropolitics of Reconciliation
9 Deliverance
10 Legacies: Bad Luck, Angry Gods, and the Stranger

Part IV. Looking South
11 Living with "Those People"
12 Facing Up to the Past

Selected Bibliography

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