Poetics of the Incarnation

Poetics of the Incarnation examines fourteenth-century writers whose poetry and narrative explore the intellectual implications of the hypostatic union. The Incarnation inspired a working-through of the philosophical and theological implications of language while Middle English was emerging as a legitimate medium for theological expression.

Poetics of the Incarnation
Middle English Writing and the Leap of Love

Cristina Maria Cervone

2013 | 320 pages | Cloth $75.00
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The "Enigma" of Signification in "Figurative" Language
Chapter 2. Elisions of Abstract and Concrete, Epitomized in a "True-love"
Chapter 3. Agency: When Christ as "Doer" Is Also the "Love Deed"
Chapter 4. Time in Narrative: The Teleology of History Meets the Timelessness of God "in plenitudo temporis"
Chapter 5. "He is in the mydde point": Poetic Deep Structure and the Frameworks of Incarnational Poetics

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