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Homeless explores the efforts of private and public institutions to solve the problem of homelessness by tracing the rise and fall of skid rows in America through the lens of New York's Bowery. Crowded onto skid rows, the homeless lived apart from the middle classes, who saw them as an aberrant population.

Poverty and Place in Urban America

Ella Howard

2013 | 288 pages | Cloth $49.95
American History / Public Policy
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The Challenge of the Depression
Chapter 2. A New Deal for the Homeless
Chapter 3. Skid Row in an Era of Plenty
Chapter 4. Urban Renewal and the Challenge of Homelessness
Chapter 5. Operation Bowery and Social Scientific Inquiry
Chapter 6. The End of the Skid-Row Era
Conclusion. Whither the Homeless


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