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Inventing the Egghead

Throughout the twentieth century, popular songs, magazine articles, plays, posters, and novels alternated between representing intelligence as empowering and as threatening. In Inventing the Egghead, Aaron Lecklider cracks open this paradox by examining representations of intelligence to reveal brainpower's stalwart appeal and influence.

Inventing the Egghead
The Battle over Brainpower in American Culture

Aaron Lecklider

2013 | 296 pages | Cloth $47.50
History / Cultural Studies
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Or, They Think We're Stupid
Chapter 1. "Aren't We Educational Here Too?": Brainpower and the Emergence of Mass Culture
Chapter 2. The Force of Complicated Mathematics: Einstein Enters American Culture
Chapter 3. Knowledge Is Power: Women, Workers' Education, and Brainpower in the 1920s
Chapter 4. "The Negro Genius": Black Intellectual Workers in the Harlem Renaissance
Chapter 5. "We Have Only Words Against": Brainworkers and Books in the 1930s
Chapter 6. Dangerous Minds: Spectacles of Science in the Postwar Atomic City
Chapter 7. Inventing the Egghead: Brainpower in Cold War American Culture


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