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The Invention of Peter

By emphasizing the ways the Bishops of Rome first leveraged the cult of St. Peter to their advantage, George E. Demacopoulos constructs an alternate account of papal history that challenges the dominant narrative of an inevitable and unbroken rise in papal power from late antiquity through the Middle Ages.

The Invention of Peter
Apostolic Discourse and Papal Authority in Late Antiquity

George E. Demacopoulos

2013 | 272 pages | Cloth $69.95 | Paper $32.50
Religion / History
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Petrine Legends, External Recognition, and the Cult of Peter in Rome
Chapter 2. The Many Faces of Leo's Peter
Chapter 3. Gelasius' Domestic Problems and International Posture
Chapter 4. The Petrine Discourse in Theoderic's Italy and Justinian's Empire
Chapter 5. Restraint and Desperation in Gregory the Great's Petrine Appeal
Postscript: The Life of St. Gregory of Agrigentum as a Seventh-Century Petrine Critique of the Papacy
Conclusion: The Invention of Peter

Appendices (translations by Matthew Briel)
I: Pope Gelasius to Augustus Anastasius
II: Tract VI


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