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The Medieval Culture of Disputation

Through hundreds of published and unpublished sources, Alex J. Novikoff traces the evolution of disputation from its ancient origins to its broader influence in the scholastic culture and public sphere of the High Middle Ages.

The Medieval Culture of Disputation
Pedagogy, Practice, and Performance

Alex J. Novikoff

2013 | 336 pages | Cloth $89.95
History / Religion
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The Socratic Inheritance
Chapter 2. Anselm, Dialogue, and the Rise of Scholastic Disputation
Chapter 3. Scholastic Practices of the Twelfth-Century Renaissance
Chapter 4. Aristotle and the Logic of Debate
Chapter 5. The Institutionalization of Disputation: Universities, Polyphony, and Preaching
Chapter 6. Drama and Publicity in Jewish-Christian Disputations
Conclusions: The Medieval Culture of Disputation


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