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The Breakthrough

The Breakthrough is the first collection to examine key developments in both Western and non-Western engagement with human rights in the period between the 1960s and the 1980s.

The Breakthrough
Human Rights in the 1970s

Edited by Jan Eckel and Samuel Moyn

2013 | 352 pages | Cloth $79.95 | Paper $27.50
Political Science / Law / History
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The Return of the Prodigal: The 1970s as a Turning Point in Human Rights History
—Samuel Moyn
Chapter 2. The Dystopia of Postcolonial Catastrophe: Self-Determination, the Biafran War of Secession, and the 1970s Human Rights Moment
—Lasse Heerten
Chapter 3. The Disenchantment of Socialism: Soviet Dissidents, Human Rights, and the New Global Morality
—Benjamin Nathans
Chapter 4. Dictatorship and Dissent: Human Rights in East Germany in the 1970s
—Ned Richardson-Little
Chapter 5. Whose Utopia? Gender, Ideology, and Human Rights at the 1975 World Congress of Women in East Berlin
—Celia Donert
Chapter 6. "Magic Words": The Advent of Transnational Human Rights Activism in Latin America's Southern Cone in the Long 1970s
—Patrick William Kelly
Chapter 7. Shifting Sites of Argentine Advocacy and the Shape of 1970s Human Rights Debates
—Lynsay Skiba
Chapter 8. Oasis in the Desert? America's Human Rights Rediscovery
—Daniel Sargent
Chapter 9. Human Rights and the U.S. Republican Party in the Late 1970s
—Carl J. Bon Tempo
Chapter 10. The Polish Opposition, the Crisis of the Gierek Era, and the Helsinki Process
—Gunter Dehnert
Chapter 11. "Human Rights Are Like Coca-Cola": Contested Human Rights Discourses in Suharto's Indonesia, 1968-1980
—Brad Simpson
Chapter 12. Why South Africa? The Politics of Anti-Apartheid Activism in Britain in the Long 1970s
—Simon Stevens
Chapter 13. The Rebirth of Politics from the Spirit of Morality: Explaining the Human Rights Revolution of the 1970s
—Jan Eckel

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