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The Medieval Salento

The Medieval Salento explores the visual and material culture of people who lived and died in this region between the ninth and fifteenth centuries, showing the ways Jews, Orthodox Christians, and Roman-rite Christians used images, artifacts, and texts in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin to construct both independent and intersecting identities.

The Medieval Salento
Art and Identity in Southern Italy

Linda Safran

2014 | 480 pages | Cloth $95.00
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Names
Chapter 2. Languages
Chapter 3. Appearance
Chapter 4. Status
Chapter 5. The Life Cycle
Chapter 6. Rituals and Other Practices in Places of Worship
Chapter 7. Rituals and Practices at Home and in the Community
Chapter 8. Theorizing Salentine Identity
Database: Sites in the Salento with Texts and Images Informative
About Identity

Works Cited

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