The Beguines of Medieval Paris

This book reconstructs the history of beguine communities in Paris, one of medieval Europe's most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities. Drawing on an array of archival sources, Miller illuminates the important role beguines played in the economic, intellectual, and religious life of the city.

The Beguines of Medieval Paris
Gender, Patronage, and Spiritual Authority

Tanya Stabler Miller

2014 | 304 pages | Cloth $69.95 | Paper $27.50
History / Religion / Women's Studies/Gender Studies
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1. The Prud'homme and the Beguines: Louis IX and the Foundation of the Beguinage of Paris
Chapter 2. The World of the Beguinage
Chapter 3. Beguines, Silk, and the City
Chapter 4. Masters and Pastors: Sorbonne Scholars, Beguines, and Religious Instruction
Chapter 5. Religious Education and Spiritual Collaboration at the Beguinage of Paris
Chapter 6. "There Are Among Us Women Called Beguines"
Chapter 7. The King's Beguines

Appendix. Beguines Whose Occupations Are Known