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Engineering Revolution

Drawing from declassified CIA documents, personal interviews, and internal NGO documents, Engineering Revolution uncovers the true extent of the West's involvement in the overthrow of Balkan dictator Slobodan Miloševic«—finding that Western governments often hurt, rather than helped, Serbia's tenuous transition to democracy.

Engineering Revolution
The Paradox of Democracy Promotion in Serbia

Marlene Spoerri

2014 | 256 pages | Cloth $65.00
Political Science
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Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations

Chapter 1. Promoting Democracy and Aiding Political Parties Abroad
Chapter 2. The Absence of Aid in Milošević's Serbia, 1990-1996
Chapter 3. Preparing for Regime Change, 1997-2000
Chapter 4. Democracy Promotion in Milošević's Shadow, 2001-2012
Chapter 5. Rethinking Aid's Legacy in Serbia

Appendix. Interviewees


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