In 1823 Sir Henry Bunbury discovered an early edition of Hamlet that radically differs from the known and celebrated version of the play. Zachary Lesser examines how this improbable discovery forced readers to reexamine accepted truths about Shakespeare as an author and the nature of Shakespeare's texts.

"Hamlet" After Q1
An Uncanny History of the Shakespearean Text

Zachary Lesser

2014 | 304 pages | Cloth $59.95 | Paper $26.50
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Table of Contents

Introduction. The Ur-Hamlet
Chapter 1. As Originally Written by Shakespeare: Textual Bibliography and Textual Biography
Chapter 2. Contrary Matters: The Power of the Gloss and the History of an Obscenity
Chapter 3. Enter the Ghost in His Night Gowne: Behind Gertrude's Bed
Chapter 4. Conscience Makes Cowards: The Disintegration and Reintegration of Shakespeare
Conclusion. Q1 in the Library at Babel