Inventing Exoticism

Lavishly illustrated and impressively interdisciplinary, Inventing Exoticism narrates a vital chapter in the history of European exoticism and Europe's perception of its place in the world. It traces the production and consumption of early modern exotic imagery to elucidate processes of cultural mediation in an earlier age of empire.

Inventing Exoticism
Geography, Globalism, and Europe's Early Modern World

Benjamin Schmidt

2015 | 448 pages | Cloth $85.00 | Paper $45.00
History / Cultural Studies / Geography
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Table of Contents

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Introduction. On the Invention of Exoticism and the Invention of Europe
Chapter 1. Printing the World: Processed Books and Exotic Stereotypes
Chapter 2. Seeing the World: Visuality and Exoticism
Chapter 3. Exotic Bodies: Sex and Violence Abroad
Chapter 4. Exotic Pleasures: Geography, Material Arts, and the "Agreeable" World
Epilogue. From Promiscuous Assemblage to Order and Method: Europe and Its Exotic Worlds