From Eden to Eternity

In From Eden to Eternity, Alastair Minnis argues that Eden afforded an extraordinary amount of creative space to late medieval theologians, painters, and poets as they tried to understand the place that God had deemed worthy of the creature made in His image.

From Eden to Eternity
Creations of Paradise in the Later Middle Ages

Alastair Minnis

2015 | 384 pages | Cloth $65.00 | Paper $27.50
Literature / Cultural Studies / Religion
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Table of Contents

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Introduction. Creating Paradise

Chapter 1. The Body in Eden
—Creating Bodies
—Bodily Functions
—The Pleasures of Paradise
—Being Fruitful and Multiplying
—The Children of Eden
—What Adam Knew
—Creating Souls
—Eden as Human Habitat

Chapter 2. Power in Paradise
—Dominion over the Animals
—Domestic Dominion: The Origins of Economics
—Power and Gender
—Unequal Men: The Origins of Politics
—Power and Possession: The Origins of Ownership
—The Insubordinate Fall

Chapter 3. Death and the Paradise Beyond
—The Death of the Animal
—The Body Returns
—Representing Paradise: From Eden to the Patria
—Perfecting Children's Bodies
—Rewarding Inequality
—Negotiating the Material
—Resurrecting the Senses
—Somewhere over the Rainbow

Coda. Between Paradises

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