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Pivotal Tuesdays

From the era of the industrial factory to the age of the microchip, Pivotal Tuesdays explores four twentieth-century elections—1912, 1932, 1968, and 1992—using the election of the American president as a lens through which to explore the broader sweep of the nation's social, economic, and political history.

Pivotal Tuesdays
Four Elections That Shaped the Twentieth Century

Margaret O'Mara

2015 | 256 pages | Cloth $34.95 | Paper $26.50
American History / Political Science
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Table of Contents

Author's Note

PART I: 1912
Chapter 1. The Great Transformation
Chapter 2. The Progressive Campaign

PART II: 1932
Chapter 3. The Road to the New Deal
Chapter 4. The Promise of Change

PART III: 1968
Chapter 5. The Fracturing of America
Chapter 6. Improbable Victories

PART IV: 1992
Chapter 7. Reagan Revolutionaries and New Democrats
Chapter 8. The CNN President

Conclusion. Hope and Change


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