Slavery and the Democratic Conscience

Slavery and the Democratic Conscience explains how democratic subjects confronted and came to terms with slaveholder power in the early American Republic. Slavery was not an exception to the rise of American democracy, Padraig Riley argues, but was instead central to the formation of democratic institutions and ideals.

Slavery and the Democratic Conscience
Political Life in Jeffersonian America

Padraig Riley

2015 | 328 pages | Cloth $45.00
American History
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Table of Contents

Introduction. North of Jefferson
Chapter 1. The Emancipation of New England
Chapter 2. Philadelphia, Crossroads of Democracy
Chapter 3. Jeffersonians Go to Washington
Chapter 4. The Idea of a Northern Party
Chapter 5. Republican Nation: The War of 1812
Chapter 6. Democracy in Crisis
Conclusion. Democracy, Race, Nation

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