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Forbidden Passages

Forbidden Passages is the first book to document and evaluate the impact of Moriscos—Christian converts from Islam—in the early modern Americas, and how their presence challenged notions of what it meant to be Spanish as the Atlantic empire expanded.

Forbidden Passages
Muslims and Moriscos in Colonial Spanish America

Karoline P. Cook

2016 | 272 pages | Cloth $47.50
American History
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Who Were the Moriscos? Introducing a Transatlantic Story
Chapter 2. Into the Atlantic: Justifying Title and Establishing Dominion
Chapter 3. Forbidden Crossings: Emigration Legislation and Morisco Responses
Chapter 4. "These Hidden Heretics": The Politics of Morisco Religiosity
Chapter 5. Healers and Diviners: Morisco Practitioners in the New World
Chapter 6. "Polvos del Gran Turco": Moriscos and Magical Practice in Spanish America
Chapter 7. Honor, Lineage, Ovandina: The Dynamics of Accusations and Religious Intolerance
Chapter 8. Images of Muslims and Moriscos in Spanish America


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